LA JOLLA | La Jolla

·          Ceiling fans plus operable windows located on opposite sides of each room create cross-ventilation and bring in ocean breezes

 Other green feature:

·           Materials were recycled and donated throughout the construction.

·           Material use was reduced by:

       o    Reducing change orders

o    Creating necessary shop drawings

o    Keeping the existing two year old roof

o    Keeping all the exterior walls, foundation and more than 60% of the floors

o    Designing around two existing, centrally-located masonry fireplaces instead of replacing them

o    Keeping the overhangs for protecting south-facing windows

o      Reusable and recyclable blocks for planters were used


·         Dissimilar lights for different tasks were mounted to save electricity

·         Crawl space was retrofitted to control pests, moisture and heat loss 

·         A tighter envelope was constructed to reduce the air exchange between inside and outside as much as possible